Does Mercury Cause Brain Disease or Not?

June 27, 2006
Volume 03    |   Issue 29

There's a big disagreement about whether or not mercury in vaccines contributes to autism. Scientists haven't found a definitive link between the two. And doctors pooh-pooh the idea. But parent after parent has come forward. Each of them explains how their child became autistic immediately after receiving a vaccine.

To give you an idea of how big this issue has become, the state of New Jersey just banned the distribution of all vaccines that contain mercury. The bill passed 8-1. The single dissenter was a medical doctor.
So who is right, the doctors or the parents? A new study published in the Journal of American Physicians might give us the answer.

In this study, the researchers scoured the data on autism and speech disorders in children under the age of five over a period of 9 years. This length of time was important, because it can take 3-4 years between birth and the diagnosis of neurological diseases like autism. Here's what the researches found:

First, they discovered that six-month old children who were breastfed and given thimerosal-containing vaccines accumulated more mercury in their tiny bodies than the EPA, the FDA, and the World Health Organization deem to be safe. 

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This doesn't determine whether the mercury caused disease or not. But it does determine that vaccines cause unsafe levels of mercury in a child's body.

Next, the researchers set out to prove cause and effect. They first documented the number of cases of autism reported during the years manufacturers used thimerosal (mercury) in their vaccines. Then they recorded the number of cases reported after manufacturers removed the mercury from the vaccines.

The comparison spoke volumes.

During the years in which manufacturers used mercury in their vaccines, the number of cases of autism went up annually. Once they stopped using thimerosal, the number of autism cases stopped going up almost immediately. But, more importantly, the number of cases reported in the following years dropped significantly!

The authors of this huge study concluded that there are specific neurological diseases –such as autism – that are clearly associated with children who receive vaccines containing thimerosal.

I predict we will have more and stronger evidence of this association in years to come. You see, there's more to the mercury problem than vaccines. Next week, I'll show you other risk factors, and give you a natural prescription for removing mercury safely from people of any age. Even children.

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Geier, D.A., BA, and M.R. Geier, MD, PhD. "Early downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders following of thimerosal-containing vaccines," Journ of Amer Phys and Surg, Spring 2006.

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