Steps to Beat Any Flu, Even the Bird Flu

November 29, 2005
Volume 02    |   Issue 48

Last week, I told you about the unfounded fears many people had about the avian flu infecting their Thanksgiving turkey. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, free from any concern about the virus.  This week, I'm going to tell you about some things you can do right now to prepare yourself for the avian flu, or any garden-variety flu that comes along this winter.

First, you probably already know that in order to keep your immunity strong, you need to get plenty of rest. If you have trouble sleeping, you won't want to miss this month's lead story in my monthly newsletter. It gives you eight ideas for getting a great night's sleep. (If you're not a subscriber, click on "Subscribe" and see the free Health Library you can receive for subscribing online.)

Second, I think it's a good idea to wash your hands often and stay away from big crowds as much as possible. Many people are doing their holiday shopping online this year, and I think that's a great idea. It's easy, and inexpensive, too.

Third, it's imperative you eat a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and low in refined carbs and animal fat. I also think you should avoid sugar as much as possible. I know that's difficult to do during this time of year. But sugar is one of the worst foods for your immune system. In fact, studies show that consuming a dessert or soft drink will lower your immunity by a staggering 90% -- and keep it that low for 2 hours after you consume the sugar! That's the last thing you need during flu season.

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Fourth, there are plenty of wonderful supplements that help build your immune system and fight the flu. You already know about vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, and garlic.  But the most potent immune support supplements I've ever found, and ones I take every day, are medicinal mushrooms.

My favorite is a mushroom combination called MycoPhyto Complex. I take one capsule twice a day preventively. At the first sign of a cold, I take six capsules three times for one-to-two days. As a result, I don't get sick any more.

MycoPhyto Complex contains six different mushrooms that have been grown on immune-boosting herbs like astragalus. Why is this so important? The mushrooms absorb the beneficial nutrients from the herbs and become even more potent. Most mushrooms are grown on rice, so they don't absorb the nutrients from the herbs. From everything I've seen and read, this separates MycoPhyto Complex from every other brand of medicinal mushrooms on the market. You can read more about MycoPhyto Complex on the website Or you can order it by calling 800-728-2288.

And, finally, there are several homeopathics that work extremely well for preventing and treating the flu. One of my favorites is Influenzinum 9C.

Until recently, Influenzinum 9C, which comes from a respected European laboratory, was tied up at Customs and unavailable for sale. It has since been released and should be available now – or soon – through

Most importantly, don't wait until you hear there's a bad flu "going around." Begin today by strengthening your immune system and stocking up on the supplements that can stop it in its tracks or reduce its severity.

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