"Whole Grain" Takes on a Whole New Meaning"

September 13, 2005
Volume 02    |   Issue 37

Watch out. ConAgra Foods, Inc, is about to confuse us even more. The company is entering the health food market. ConAgra has spent eight years and millions of dollars developing a grain they call "Ultragrain White Whole Wheat." This grain - a sweet-tasting variety of wheat - tastes more like white flour, but has more fiber and nutrients.

I predict the market will be flooded with breads, pastas, cookies, and crackers with this new ingredient. Especially since the low-carb fad is fading and people are eating more whole grains.

ConAgra knows there's a big market out there just waiting for a healthier alternative to white flour. Some white breads have no fiber at all, while two slices of Ultragrain bread have three to four grams. Whole wheat bread, however, has five to six grams of fiber.

Ultragrain may be a "better-than" choice to get people to eat fewer refined carbs.But before you get too excited, make sure you check how much of it a product contains.

Food manufacturers are beginning to put small amounts of Ultragrain in their products so they can market them as containing whole grains. Sara Lee just came out with a new bread called Soft & Smooth that has a whopping 30% whole grain. Not much "better-than," in my opinion.

So make sure you read all the ingredients before you buy. You may find that Ultragrain appears way down on the ingredients list.(Which means there's not that much in there.)Plus, a bread made with Ultragrain may contain high-fructose corn syrup.

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Whole grains are healthier than refined grains, and Ultragrain seems to be one way to move toward more nutritious foods.But make sure the products you buy contain enough of it.And make sure you're not getting a lot of "extras" your body doesn't need.

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