Kids Who Eat French Fries Are at High Risk For Breast Cancer - What About You?

August 29, 2005
Volume 02    |   Issue 36

A recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer found that women who had eaten French fries the most often when they were three to five years old had the highest risk for getting breast cancer as adults. This brings up two questions: Why? And what does this mean for you as an adult?

You may be alarmed to learn that even if you didn't eat French fries as a child, your health could still be at risk.

Most commercial French fries were made by cooking potatoes in trans fats (such as Crisco or margarine), and trans fats are the most harmful fats you can eat. We know they're carcinogenic. As this new study shows, give them to young children and you'll affect their future health. The government knows this, and new labeling will soon be in place that identifies trans fats in all packaged foods. But it does nothing for foods made in restaurants.

You can begin asking restaurants what type of fat they use to deep-fry any food you're thinking of ordering. Don't eat any fried in trans fats. Better yet, don't eat deep fried foods at all! Whenever an oil or fat has cooled down and been re-heated it becomes carcinogenic!

I've written an important article on trans fats for the September issue of my newsletter.  In the October issue, you'll find an article about fats you've been told are unhealthy but are actually good for you. These two articles clear up much of the current confusion concerning fats and oils.

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Meanwhile, to guard against breast cancer, I suggest you clean up your diet and eat plenty of fresh produce. They're high in antioxidants and can counteract some of the harmful effects of trans fats. Consider taking Pectasol modified citrus pectin, a supplement that keeps cancer cells from clustering and forming tumors. It could protect you against breast and other cancers. (Call 800-728-2288 to order.)

Make sure you have enough iodine. Most people around the world, other than the Japanese, don't. Your thyroid gland and breast tissues need plenty of iodine, and there's been a link between insufficient iodine and breast cancer. The only lab that does an iodine-insufficiency test is FFT laboratory. Call 877-900-5556 for more information. By the way, I have no financial interest at all in either this test or in iodine supplements.

Your voice of reason in Women's Health,


Michels, K.B., et al. "Preschool diet and adult risk of breast cancer," Int J Cancer, 2005 August 10.

Martin, A. "USDA: Frozen fries are ‘fresh' veggies," Los Angeles Times, June 15, 2004.)

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