Kraft's Solution to Junk Foods

August 28, 2004
Volume 01    |   Issue 6

You?ve just gotta hand it to the folks at Kraft. They?re really concerned about your health. This king of Oreos, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and cream cheese is actually doing something to answer your concerns about trans fats, sugar, and other "no no?s."

Are they changing their products and using organic ingredients? Whole grains? Healthy fats? No.

Now, Kraft is coming out with 100-calorie packages of thinner Oreos and other cookies and crackers. Next on their list are low-carb cereals and cereal bars under the name "CarbWell."

Wait. Let me get this straight. The foods will contain the same white sugar, white flour, and trans fats. Just less of them. Sounds like just another marketing ploy to me. A necessary one for them economically, since Kraft is closing up to 20 manufacturing plants and laying off 6,000 workers. But junk foods are junk foods, whether they are lower in calories or not. And for people with little self-control, these "new" foods are of little health value. The bottom line is the amount of empty calories and inflammatory-producing ingredients, such as sugar and trans fats, that you eat.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of whole grain snacks available with no trans fats. Newman?s Own is just one brand of healthier snacks. You can support Kraft with your pocketbook or not. I don?t. The healthier brands taste just fine to me.

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