There's an Antidote to a Drug Resistant "Superbug" - And It's Not Another Antibiotic!

August 02, 2004
Volume 01    |   Issue 4

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is issuing a warning that a drug resistant "superbug" related to MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is spreading among athletes, prisoners, and young children.

This bacteria can be fatal.
MSRA is causing skin diseases in children, prison inmates, and military recruits. It's causing abscesses in athletes. It's also causing a severe infection in the lungs and blood in some healthy people that has been deadly.

The usual penicillin-based antibiotics won't work against this virulent "superbug". Instead, people with this bacteria are being given massive doses of other antibiotics, such as Bactrim, that are ineffective 70 percent of the time.

But I have good news for you!

In researching an upcoming article on the best probiotics I've ever found, I located one that has been shown to be effective against this deadly bacteria. I'll tell you much more about it in a few months. But if you want to get started on a strong probiotic that works better than antibiotics against this bacteria, get Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 12 Plus (Essential Formulas) at your health food store. Or order it from Healthy by Nature

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