Taking L-Arginine Doesn’t Improve Nitric Oxide Levels or Circulation Well in People Over 50

Researchers wanted to find out if taking L-arginine actually increases your nitric oxide levels and, as a result, your circulation. They found that the body can generally make enough L-arginine for this purpose on its own. Adding more in supplement form won’t improve the body’s ability to generate nitric oxide.

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Playing Games and Socializing Provide Significant Protection Against Dementia

Researchers found that engaging in a variety of activities at least once per week could decrease the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment. In particular, using a computer decreased risk by 30%, doing craft activities decreased risk by 28%, engaging in social activities decreased risk by 23%, and playing games decreased risk by 22%.

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Polyphenol Supplements Prove to Be Absorbed and Used by the Body

Researchers from Italy tested the bioavailability of the polyphenols in several different supplements made of a total of 36 different fruits and vegetables. They found a total of 20 metabolites that they could measure and also noted that different polyphenols and metabolites appeared in the participants’ plasma over time, indicating that they were absorbed at varying rates. The researchers concluded that the supplements were indeed delivering powerful polyphenols to the participants’ bloodstream.

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